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Los Angeles Holocaust Monument

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In 1992, after 25 years of planning, the $3 million Los Angeles Holocaust Museum was opened. Although most major cities have a monument to the Holocaust in some form or other, the monument in Los Angeles is one of the most impressive.

Access to the Monument is free of charge and is open all year round. The Monument is structured so that it can be seen from all sides of the Pan Pacific Park, with the best view from the north side.

A visit to the Holocaust Memorial is quite a heavy experience, but also leaves visitors with a feeling of fulfillment and positivity. This is a Monument to those millions who were murdered by the Nazi regime during World War II and is also a sign of hope for the future so that atrocities like this do not happen again.

The structure was designed by LA artist, Dr. Joseph L. Young. The Monument's main features are the six 18-foot high black, granite columns as a symbol to the 6 million Jews who perished. The design feature is an "invisible" seventh column which symbolizes those who are still living.

Those who are interested in the actual history of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany can gain a lot of insight and knowledge from a visit to the Los Angeles Holocaust Monument. A visitor needs to spend a few hours at the Monument in order to only partially appreciate the enormity of the symbolism, with many visitors returning for further excursions.

Although children are welcome and will learn a valuable history lesson, smaller children on the other hand may not appreciate a visit to the Monument. The Monument is easily accessible via taxi and public transport.

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