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Miami Freedom Tower

Not all of the USA's monuments are steeped in traditional American history. There are many sub-cultures in the country that have contributed to the USA's rich culture - and the Cubans are no exception.

The Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami was erected in 1925. The building originally served as the printing office and administrative headquarters of the Miami Daily News and Metropolis but was closed in 1957.

The building's history took a turn in 1962 when it became an immigration station for Cuban refugees. At the time, Cubans were viewed with much skepticism as there was a large fear of Communist influence in the United States. This led to the Cuban immigrants and refugees facing a few struggles in order to gain entrance to the USA.

The building remained as an immigration office for Cubans until 1974. Only 5 years later, on the 10th of September, 1979, the building became known as the Freedom Tower and was included in the United States National Register of Historic Places.

Although the Tower is of enormous importance to the local Cuban population, it also holds much significance to all of America’s cultures - especially the minorities. The Tower overlooks the harbor and is surrounded by beautiful scenes – most notably the Bayside Marketplace Marina. The area is easily accessible via taxi and public transport.

Any visit to Miami is worth a visit to Freedom Tower. The summer months can be somewhat warm, but good weather is what Miami is all about. A stroll around the Marketplace and then a quick visit to Freedom Tower is the perfect end to a day of sightseeing. Tourists are encouraged to wear a hat, sunscreen and not to forget their cameras.

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