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Monterey Pinnacles National Monument

The Pinnacles National Monument in Monterey is one of special significance to the Native Americans. Due to the fact that the tribes were nomadic, the Pinnacles were the spring and fall home to the Chalone and Mutsun tribes. As a part of a reconciliation attempt, 2500 acres of the Park were made into a national monument by President Roosevelt in 1908. Today, the area has been increased tenfold and now covers an area of 26,000 acres.

The Monument is one of the most scenic areas in the USA and is busy all year round. However, the summer months are more pleasant as the winter months can be quite unpleasant for those who are not used to the cold.

The Pinnacles National Monument is a great place to spend an entire day with the family and not only as a tourist. (For an affordable accomodation in Montery, use Monterey Hotels) The Park is a huge attraction to those living in the surrounding area wishing to enjoy a wholesome outing in the fresh air.

The Monument is very famous for its diverse wildlife and bird watching, due to its almost 150 species of bird that live in the park. The other wildlife includes bats, kangaroo rats and salamanders. Hikes along the many trails provide visitors with many photo opportunities, as well as a chance to get some light exercise.

By night, another attraction is stargazing. Due to the fact that there is no light pollution, the night time sky is simply breathtaking. Camping sites are available, complete with shower facilities and supply shop. In summer the swimming pool is open for late night dips.

As far as education goes, many schools use the area as a study aid in natural sciences and biology.

Also see: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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